Choosing a Camera – Update

The search for a camera to use in our robot has been long and involved. Throughout the process, we have worked toward finding a camera that satisfied a basic set of requirements. Our camera needs to be capable of outputting high quality video, interfacing with C++ or Java through the Beaglebone black, and be capable of stereoscopic imaging. We believe we have finally found a camera that can satisfy all of those requirements: the DUO MLX.
This camera, while expensive, boasts an impressive array of features and capabilities. It stereoscopic and infrared, allowing it to judge depth in low light environments. It comes equipped with a small array of programmable infrared LEDs and an on-board 9-DOF freedom IMU, allowing it to sense its orientation with a high degree of accuracy. Finally, it comes with a SDK which, just recently, allows it to interface with ARM based micro-controllers like the Beaglebone - although access to this capability requires subscription to DUO's developer program. This SDK is compatible with C++ and C, as well as Java through the Java Native Interface. Another distinct advantage of this camera is its form factor. It is very small, being only 52mm long. This will allow us to fit many more design features into the front portion of the submersible.

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