Summer 2016: Grants & Redesign

After completing the TechStart grant in February this year, we used the business plan as the basis for two other grant submissions. We applied for the MTI Seed Grant and Libra Future Fund. The plan was to raise enough money to work on RoboGoby as a full time job for this summer. Unfortunately, we did not secure either of the grants and so had to go with Plan B.

While we did not get any money out of our grant attempts, we learned a lot along the way. We have gained a much better understanding of the grant process, as well as the process of securing funding more broadly. These are both skills that we will be putting to use in the future. We also had to quickly change our summer plans in order to make sure we had an income stream for the summer.

Plan B consists of doing yard work, in order to make money over the summer, and smaller engineering projects that we can complete in one summer. Check out our Facebook page for updates about new projects. Our final blog post will be in the coming weeks and is going to be a post explaining how to follow us on our new website to continue to get info about RoboGoby and related projects.

Here is our advertisement for yard work, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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