Change of Processor – Beaglebone Black to ODRIOD–XU3

About one month ago we decided to change our main processor from the BeagleBone Black to the ODROID-XU3. ODROID stands for Open-Source Android, and is a powerful embedded linux platform. Although the XU3 is more expensive and larger, it is much more powerful than the BeagleBone. In order to run our high-level stereoscopic camera we needed a faster and more powerful computing platform. Some of the specs are below:

      • 2.0GHz Quad-Core CPU
      • 2Gbyte of RAM @ 933MHz
      • eMMC

All of our other computing for our sensors and motor control will be still be done by a smaller micro-controller which we will connect to the ODROID. A stock photo of the ODROI-XU3 is below:


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