We have a few people that we want to thank for helping us with RoboGoby 2.0 throughout this past summer.

Darin Marion - Porter's Precision Machining

Darin machined the parts for our watertight compartment. Beyond machining the parts he was helpful in making a few design changes to our watertight pieces.

Matt Cyr - Cumberland Ironworks

Cumberland Ironworks welded the watertight pieces on the middle section of our submersible. We especially want to thank them for being very flexible as we had to reschedule a few times.

Kris Jennings - Downeast Woodworks

Kris was the reason that we have so many nicely routed parts. He let us come into his shop and helped us cut out many of our parts using his router.

David Smail - Freeport High School

David Smail was very helpful in getting our parts 3D printed. He is in charge of the Freeport High School 3D printers and was able to help us start prints a few days a week throughout the summer, allowing us to go through a few iterations of each part.

Jon Amory Alan Lucas - Baxter Academy

Jon Amory has been an adviser throughout the project, and we owe him a lot. Alan Lucas was able to help us get a part 3D printed when we needed it on very short notice.

Geoff Nelson - Royal River Boat Repair

Geoff Nelson was helpful in a few ways. Most notably he helped with some aspects of the mechanical and electrical design and allowed us to use many of his tools at Royal River Boat Repair.

The Jennings Family

We need to thank the Jennings for letting us utilize their house and pond for testing and our upcoming launch.

The Libsack Family

The Libsack's have been very kind to let us use their basement as the base for our work throughout the summer. They have also fed us on numerous occasions as we worked late hours.


At the beginning of the summer we did over 100 (collective) hours of yardwork to fundraise for our project. We want to thank the following people for hiring us for this work:

Bob Moore
Liza Bakewell
Maddie Vertenten
Kim LaMarre
Margaret Hertz
Kathy Biberstein
Jennifer Libsack

Thanks to their support we were able to raise almost $1500.

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